SUNDE H4-series


More advanced model, has a built in video encoder and 4 usb ports. 


  1. One computer for one user
  2. Min 250watts power consumption for one standard PC
  3. Charge for the replacement & upgrade of the standard PC parts every 2 to 3 years
  4. Max. 40units of SUNDE H-series can be connected to a standard PC, and then we have 41 computers to use.
  5. Only 5 watts power consumption
  6. No charge for the parts ofthe terminal. Can update through internet.


  1. Easy to stop illegal data leakage & exposure.
  2. Easy to stop destruction by Viruses and to stop computer hacking
  3. Doesn't utilize external storage.


You only have to maintain the host PC, therefore, instead of having to update each PC with a new programme for example, you only need to update the host.


There are no moving parts, therefore, there is no noise and also the device only uses 5 watts of electricity so no excessive heat, which would also mean a reduction in air conditioning costs.


Portable terminal can be connected with host computer anywhere when an internet connection is available. 

Note: This product is intended to reduce H/W deployment and maintenance costs.  Additional software licenses may be required by the software licensors. Please check your software user license agreement to ensure your continued compliance with such agreement.

Product Specifications

Power: INPUT AC110V ~ AC240V 50/60 Hz, OUTPUT DC 5V/ 2A
Size: 180mm(W) x 32mm(H) x 130mm(D)
Net Weight: 280g
Port: DC Power Jack, Speaker & Microphone Jack (option), Ethernet (RJ- 45) Port, VideoMonitorPort, USB Interface.
Supported OS: Windows 7, VISTA, Windows XPProfessional, Windows 2008, Windows Server 2003, LINUX