Secospace USG2000


Huawei Symantec Secospace USG2000 series (hereafter referred to as the USG2000) is a new generation of high-performance unified security gateways. Launched by Huawei Symantec to meet the security service needs of small and medium-size enterprises, the USG2000 is a range of low to middle end gateways based on Huawei’s VRP software platform. A wide range of features include firewall, DDoS protection, IPS, anti-spam, P2P blocking and traffic control, IM software control, WLAN WiFi (802.11b, 802.11g, or 802.11g/b), and 3G access. Supporting L2TP, IPSec, SSL, and MPLS VPN services, the USG2000 provides high-performance network egress security and helps increase productivity. This makes it the ideal security solution for small and medium-sized enterprises, branches of larger enterprises, county and city networks, and Internet cafes.


Model USG2110 USG2130/USG2160 USG2210/2220/2230/2250
IPSEC VPN supported supported supported
SSL VPN Not supported supported supported
Vitual Firewall Not supported supported supported
integration 1FE WAN + 4FE LAN 9FE 2Combo GE
Extended slot Not supported 1 MIC + 1 Express/
2 MIC + 1 Express
4 MIC + 2 FIC
Extended card Not supported MIC :1FE/5FE/1E1/1CE1/1SA/1ADSL2+ MIC :1FE/5FE /1E1/1CE1/1SA/1ADSL2+/1WiFi
FIC :1GE/2E1/2CE1
USB interface Not supported 1 (v2.0) 2 (v2.0)
WiFi Feature Not supported support support
WAN interface FE FE,ADSL2+,SA,
Power AC AC AC(USG2210/2220/2230)
Size 280mm*190mm*35mm 420mm*255mm*44.2mm 442mm*420mm*44.2mm